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Hi! I’m Angie… wife, mom, follower of Christ, photographer, boutique owner, teacher, maid, super woman… you name it and I’ve probably done it!

And here’s my precious family! (Minus our golden retriever)

Just so you can get to know me a little, let me share some of my favorite things…

If I had the option to eat only one thing for the rest of my life, hands down, I pick milkduds. I like Rockstar Energy drinks. I wear five finger shoes when I run, otherwise I’m barefoot or in flipflops. I have my own snowboard, but don’t go more than 5mph down the slopes! We go camping and float the river every year for my birthday. I love to sing! I own two guitars and have no idea how to play them!! I rearrange my furniture weekly! Sometimes I sing to my kids instead of talking like a normal person – they are starting to sing back! Laughing is my favorite. I write like I talk, so almost every sentence is a grammatically incorrect, run on that more than likely includes one of these “…”

I’m kind of an open book… so to get to know me even more, head over to THE BLOG where I share a lot of personal stories pictures, and just flat out nonsense!

That pretty much sums it up, but just in case you want to know more about me, my photography background, where the name came from, read on. I promise you’ll know much more about me than you actually wanted to!

Let me start off by saying…I love kids! And I know everyone says it, but I seriously love kids. If I didn’t have to go through the pregnancy part, I’d have 10 of my own! Call me crazy. I love their cute little chubby faces, their innocence, the crazy things that come out of their mouth” everything about them! So much, in fact, I graduated with a degree in early childhood education. Since graduating, I haven’t set foot in a classroom! I never knew I would use the loads of seemingly useless knowledge of why kids do what they do for my very own photography business.

I started my venture into photography in 2005 and am completely self taught. After a few years I eventually found my own style, what I enjoyed most in my business, and my personal inspiration, my girls. And that’s how Addison June came to be. Although I’m not “Angie Lee Photography” my business is still all about who I am. My girls are my life, my inspiration, my happiness, all the fun I never knew existed before they did.

So get used to these faces, they’re sure to be all over the blog. meet Addison & Ayla June