let’s play catch up.

not many posts have gone up on the old blog since Christmas, mainly because i looked like this at the beginning of the year…

so all there is to catch up on is my personal life, and one of the greatest joys in life turned mine upside down on january 21st. meet ayla.

my gorgeous baby. that’s her up at the top of the blog too. i just can’t get enough of those baby lips!

addy’s world changed too! she loves her baby sister, and i couldn’t ask for two better kids. ayla hardly ever cries, but when she does… my sweet addy will go sing to her. i’ve been singing “my girl” to addy since she was tiny, and i had no idea she could sing it too! now addy sings it for ayla…. makes a mamma’s heart melt!

so my big girl addy got a new big girl haircut, almost 6 inches off. she loves it!

and a few days ago, my newest actually hit that one month mark. seriously?! that went by so fast.

as much as i love being a stay at home, i am missing my camera! i’m so excited for the new clients i’ve booked over the next couple of months!

March 16, 2010 - 9:37 am

Christina - Aww … Miss Ayla’s so cute! Love the new biz name as well!

2010 ♥ denton photographer

2010… gosh, that sounds nuts! it’s so cliche to say how fast the time goes when you get older, but it really does. here i am, almost a family of four, running my own business, living in a great home, being an adult… it seems like just yesterday i was meeting my husband for the first time. a conversation that involved dorm devotionals, prayer, zebra house shoes…  i’ll never forget. i want to make this coming year of my life more like that moment. i want that memorable imprint to happen more often. and if i can capture it through my camera, even better! life is too short to be so busy, to work all day and forget about taking time for what really matters most: family, God, friends, church. i want to capture life, and enjoy it… all at once.

that is my main goal for this coming year. just in case you’re interested, here’s some actual resolutions i’ve written down and intend to keep this year!

1| something that always takes a backseat, and really shouldn’t…. keep up with my DAILY walk with God.

2| turn the computer off throughout the week at 6 (give or take an hour!)

3| blog more often about me… you guys wanna hear that, right?!:)

3| eat better. (who doesn’t say this one though?!)

4| more specifically…. eat less processed foods and more natural foods like fruit and vegetables.

5| take advantage of the alone time my husband has promised me this year. actually use it for me, not my business!!

6| learn how to play tennis. well enough i wouldn’t embarrass myself in a match with a complete stranger.

7| fit into my skinny jeans again!! (you know, the ones that i haven’t worn since before i was pregnant… the first time.)

8| cook at home more often, and get better at it. my sweet husband will eat anything, thank goodness!

9| finish the cookbook i started for a christmas gift in 2008.

10| organize all of my personal photos and videos, including my wedding video i have but never seen!

11| fold & hang clean clothes the day they are finished in the dryer… i’m real bad with this one!

12| follow through with commitments and promises i make. basically, don’t be a flake!

13| eat at the table as a family, with no tv, at least 3 times a week.

14| follow up on those “good ideas” i’ve written down and haven’t looked at since.

15| take pictures of my girls every month this year. (you would think this would be an easy one, but it’s not! photographers’ kids don’t get much camera time!)

16| don’t buy anything for the house without thinking about it for at least 2 weeks. seriously.

17| organize the guest bathroom & game closets.

18| sing more often.

19| learn at least 3 songs on the guitar. (anyone wanna help me out with this one?!)

20| be a better friend. i seriously have some of the greatest friends who never get a phone call from me because…. well, i don’t actually know why.

21| potty train my baby girl!!!!! man alive! if i don’t get this one done this year, that’s bad!!!

speaking of, here’s my sweet addy coming down off her sugar high at her preschool Christmas party

March 4, 2010 - 4:31 pm

Taylor - Love you lady! So happy for you and even more proud of you! I am getting my first camera this year, and would love to spend some time with you! Your baby girls are BEAUTIFUL!

March 5, 2010 - 11:24 am

Tricia - Wow! Wonderful thoughts, goals, direction!! Very encouraged and challenged to keep up my resolutions to make each day count for God, my girls, my man, my friends and family, and me!! Your work is a reflection of your heart, awesome! We feel blessed to know you and hope to know you and your family better. God bless your family!