Mister Cole

I wanted to share some more from this family’s bluebonnet mini session, because really, who wouldn’t want to see more pictures of this adorable little guy?! I have no idea how they’re going to only pick 5 of their favorites!!

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There’s nothing better than sisters

This was such a laid back session. Not the norm at all when it comes to newborns, but I so enjoyed it. I was able to spend a lot of time with baby, and just when she couldn’t get any cuter, big sister came home from school. Absolutely adorable. I loved everything about these girls!

Penguin Toots!

I’ll do almost anything to get a kid to smile. My tricks don’t work on my own kids. Apparently it’s completely normal for me to ask Ayla to say “penguin toots”. It just makes this picture even more funny because I know what she’s saying.

Bluebonnet Minis

Here’s a look at the families who took advantage of my bluebonnet mini session. I honesty don’t know how they’re going to only pick 5 favorites! These are some seriously cute kiddos.


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Little miss Lauren

I have lots of favorites from this session, but I wanted to give this momma at least a little peek before her little one arrives! Little miss Lauren… I think she’s going to be a great big sister!

More from this session soon!